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Supplier of more than just well cultivated products.


Back in time

Our company's history goes back to 1944. Damage following a bomb hit made Leen and Koos Grootscholten went their separate ways. After first having run a business together, grandpa Koos decided to continue independently.

He purchased our business at the time for the sum of 324 guilders. Dad Hans later came along with the daring idea to start growing bedding plants. Pioneering at that time, yet to this day the main cultivation within our company.

Strong points

Our selection is constantly changing. In spring, around 50 varieties of summer bloomers are grown, followed by cyclamens and seasonal products in the autumn and winter.

We’re proud of our outlook on new products. Within what suits our company, we’re always looking out to extend our range. We seek out exclusive varieties that add something to our existing selection; sometimes because they are of better quality. other times because they’re presented better, grow in gardens better or are innovative in terms of colour or shape.

Annual summer bloomers, cyclamen & seasonal products

Honest supplier

At Gebr. Grootscholten, we stand by honest and open communication with each other. The deliver on the agreements we make, both with our buyers and with our suppliers. We invest in long-term relationships and strive to be a reliable supplier and buyer.


Sustainability and the environment are very important to us. In February 2017, the "Aardwarmte Vogelaer project" in Poeldijk started. With this we provide our greenhouses with sustainable heat.

In addition, we take our responsibility to limit the impact of our environment. For example, we use sustainably produced and reusable raw materials as much as possible. And we make every effort to prevent waste.

We are also increasingly using biology to protect our plants against annoying insects in our crops.

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